10 Reasons Why I Loved You! ♥


1) You're the most caring person I've ever met. 
2) You're the only one that can make me laugh non-stop, no matter what you do.
3) You never give up on me and I know you never will.
4) We've been trough everything together and I know that I can trust you.
5) Sayang have a characteristic of my future husband. Whahaha xD
6) You make me effort to be with me, spend time with me tak kira time hujan pun haha :P
7) You know me better then anyone else.
8) You understand me sayang, no one else does. 
9) You accept my flaws and in return to love it? I think.. Haha 
10) You're the best boy out there from me and 10 reasons is too short to the reasons I love you, Sayang. I love you so much Muhammad Hasrul Bin. Hasnan :-*